Friday, July 21, 2006

Uncle Allan & Aunt Jan

Tempus Fugit.

A month has passed since we spent the weekend with Unlce Allan and Aunt Jan (weekend of July 8th, 2006). I can't believe it. I just returned from another trip to London so I have been up on the computer since 5 this morning (jet lag). I haven't had a chance to update the blog, which is why I sent out the pictures recently on BubbleShare.

We had such a wonderful time with the Unc and Aunt - they should visit more often. On Friday night we had dinner and home and Aunt Eileen came over as well. Saturday we road-tripped to Half Moon Bay. We took a long leisurely stroll down the beach with Aunt Jan and Jacob who LOVES the beach having just returned from the family holiday in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It was so great to see Aunt Jan running along with water with Jacob and drawing names in the sand with a stick and watching the waves erase them. Aunt Jan has such a rare affinity with kids it was heart warming to watch. Unlce Allan decided to hold down the fort on the beach blanket where he earned that Tomato Forehead that you can see in this picture.

Saturday night we has a babysitter and the four of us went out to a lovely dinner in Redwood City at a restaurant called John Bentley's. It felt so civilized to be able to just relax, have a bottle of wine and enjoy a nice meal.

The next day was back to craziness again, though. We had a peaceful morning hanging out but later in the afternoon was Germany vs. Italy in the World Cup soccer match and we had a slew of friends in family in watching the match. Anyway, as you can see they had a great time with Andy. And in the blink of an eye it is now August!

Wasn't it only yesterday?

4 Years!!!

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