Monday, February 26, 2007

Hangin' with the Boyz

Since Tania always tells me I am never in any of the pictures I figured I better post up this shot taken from our day out at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I guess you can tell from the photo how "height challenged" I am around the Kandra family. Chris, my nephew on the left, is just 12. Just got Andy measure at the doctor and he is 90th percentile in height and 40th in weight. He was also 90th percentile in head size. Okay, so at least he got his brains from me, right??? ;-) I still call him KJ (kay junior) since his has in Grandma's eyes but we have also started to see some Katzen resemblance so maybe I'll just call him the maternal grandchild. Or the "anything but Daddy" grandchild.

You'll also note from this photo that Jacob is in his Batman shirt (yes, it is February ... but, hey, this is California, man!) - what you can't see is that under Daddy's blue sweater he is wearing his Superman T-Shirt. Jacob thought it would be a good idea if we were superheros together for the day. We showed up later that afternoon at Maya's 4th birthday party undercover. We both wore sweaters as a disguise over our superhero selves and then lifted up our sweaters to show the crowd that underneath we were really Superman and Batman. Kids. Both of us.

Day out at the Aquarium

Had a great time with Joe, Anne, Chris and Katie over the last week. It was great to spend quality time together without the pressure of Christmas / Channukah and the mad rush to buy gifts, wrap presents and spend time with an entire extended family of dozens. Lots of highlights to remember and Jacob was really sad to see his cousins go. Got Chris & Katie out on the racetrack yesterday (Malibu Grand Prix) - I wonder if Chris mentioned to his parents that he skidded out and spun the car on to the grass in the center of the track? ;-)

We got them so hooked on In-n-Out Burgers that they had to make a final pit stop there on the way to the airport. Was Manresa restaurant not gourmet enough for you folks? Hope the JetBlue flight home wasn't as disastrous as the attempted JetBlue flight out here. And remember - we're always a great pit-stop on the way to Hawaii!

There are some videos below. If they don't yet show a picture on them aren't yet processed by YouTube so just come back. If you see a picture then they're done and just click on the center. Enjoy.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Andy's Walks !!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I know that I'm way behind on blogging. Lots going on in both the work and personal life. And ... I guess Video really did kill the Radio star. So much easier to just post videos! I will get back to writing soon. Many pictures to show from our December trip to Annapolis, Jenny's birthday, trip up to SF to see Uncle Map (when he sends me the damn pictures). But for now ... enjoy seeing our new walker in action (click on first video). Then a funny video of Andy doing the funny "crab walk", which practically rivals his old "superman" flying tricks and then he tries to stand straight from sitting with no leverage.

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