Sunday, December 28, 2008

Andy Turns 3

As we watch Andy grow we observe the amount of time that we've been back in the States. He turned 3 today so that's just over 3 for us. Wow. Funny backstory on video below. I went to Sam's Club to order Andy his birthday cake. I was thumbing through a binder of images and torn between Dora and Scooby. I knew he really liked Dora, but could I really get a boy a Dora cake? There was a rather gruff woman behind the counter observing me who said, "no way, you can't buy a boy a Dora cake." I kept thinking it over and she kept pestering me and eventually I acquiesced.

So later than day I asked Andy, "Do you like Batman?" (yes), "Do you like Superman?" (yes), "Do you like Dora?" (yes), "Do you like Scooby?" (no). "No? Don't you like Scooby Doo and Shaggy?" (softly ... yes). Great. So later that day we were walking in downtown Annapolis and I asked Andy again for reassurance, "Do you like Scooby?" (no, I like Dora). Doh! I frantically called Sam's club to see if they could change the order - the results below in the video.


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