Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tania Rocks!

New pictures of kids (black & white) courtesy of Tania, aka the Admin Queen! We have found a new nanny (Tania says she is happy the she finally has a wife!). Her name is Normita and she's from the Philippines (hey, spelled right first time!). She is very pleasant as a person, great to the kids and cooks (big, big bonus) and helps with cleaning. So Tania is happy and thus I am happy, too.

Life seems to be settling in to a nice routine for us. As you can see from the shot of my gorgeous wife below she has been putting in the serious hours at the gym lately. The shot below is of Jacob trying to be Spiderman.

Lots of events coming up. This weekend we will see two friends from Europe: Danny Boy Zaidifard and his wife Annie as well as Holger. Next weekend we celebrate Ron's (my brother) 40th birthday. Then the following week back to LA for cousin Jill's wedding!

Stories of the week:
1. Jacob told one of the nannies, "don't make a mess or mommy will get mad at daddy." Telling, hey? ;-)

2. Jacob was in bed with me. I was laughing and giggling with him (usual routine) when he pointed his finger at me and said, "hey, calm down." Whoa! From Tania's mouth to Jacob's ears!

3. Went to Galia's house (okay, Gerardo and Nourit's house) for Yom Kippur. There must have been 8 kids running around and screaming. Looked so fun to Jacob. Reminded me of what it was like to be a kid and go to family events. Was heart warming. (okay, but most of my attention went into the Kugel, smoked salmon pizza, brownies, orzo, pecan, fig & goats cheese salad, cous cous, more smoked salmon, more Kugel, brownies, dates, cookies ... could you tell I was hungry? How do people manage this for a month during Ramadan?

4. New company launched. Check out if you want to see details.


Anonymous Rachel said...

The black and white photos are gorgeous. Wow. And Tania does look great! I'm still working on it!

12:44 PM

Anonymous Bill said...

Hey Mark... I just watched your product launch presentation and I must say it was very impressive. I think you guys have really got something uniqe and extremely useful here. Nicely done!

We are really looking forward to seeing you and the family this weekend!

11:50 AM


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